Global Challenges Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorships

Call for incoming and outgoing Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorships (BMVPs) to low and middle income countries (LMICs) to build and strengthen research connections and communities that will underpin future Official Development Assistance (ODA) compliant research proposals e.g. to Global Challenges Research Fund.

This scheme supports visits of up to 1 month for distinguished researchers to and from the University to partners in countries on the DAC List of ODA Recipients (the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD). It offers funds for travel, subsistence (£800 per month) and accommodation (for incoming GC-BMVPs at 1 University Walk, the IAS accommodation, where possible).

This scheme is complementary to the UoB GCRF Ad Hoc scheme which is focused on shorter research visits and is open to all researchers at the University. There is also has some flexibility to support costs in addition to travel and subsistence. The GC-BMVP scheme is intended to support longer interactions for distinguished researchers.

For other incoming visits, please see the IAS Fast Track and Medium-Term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship Scheme.

Next deadline 15 March 2019.

Email with enquiries.

How to apply for funding


Award holders must complete a BMVP Report Form (Office document, 100kB) at the end of their visit and forward this to their Head of Department/School for comment before submitting electronically to

The IAS also welcomes contributions to its blog also to be sent to along with photos.

Please note that it is the Bristol Academic Host’s responsibility to enter outcomes of BMVP visits into PURE, suitably acknowledging the IAS.