IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Dianne Pulte

17 - 21 June 2013

Dr. Pulte is currently a clinical assistant professor at the Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Major themes of her research include population level cancer survival, focusing on hematologic malignancies and health care disparities. She has collaborated with Prof Hermann Brenner of the German Cancer Research Center and Prof Mona Jeffreys of Bristol University on population level survival disparities among ethnic minorities in the US and UK.

During her visiti Dr. Pulte will give a lecture on ethnic inequalities in cancer survival, focusing on hematologic malignancies and discuss the limitations of the available data and methods for further evaluating the causes of observed disparities. Her research while visiting will focus on evaluating survival in hematologic malignancies in the US and Britain and determining reasons for the differences observed.

19th June: Use of relative survival in cancer epidemiology

20th June: Cancer survival in minority populations in the United States in the early 21st century


For further information on Dr Pulte's visit, please contact Professor Mona Jeffreys.