IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Stavros Farantos, University of Crete, Greece

Professor Stavros Farantos15 September - 15 December 2014

Stavros Farantos was born in Piraeus, Greece, in 1951. He received his first degree in chemistry from university of Athens in 1973. After finishing his military service in 1976, he completed his Ph.D. in theoretical and computational chemistry at university of Sussex in 1979. He spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Molecular Sciences of university of Sussex, and 1981 he returned to Athens in the Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute, NHRF. In 1984 he was elected assistant professor in the new department of Chemistry of university of Crete. Since 1994 he is full professor at the same university and a research associate in the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas. He has been visiting professor at University of Southern California, University of New Mexico, PNNL, University of Perugia, and frequent visitor at Max Planck Institut fuer Dynamik und Selbstorganisation, Goettingen. The main research interests of Stavros Farantos are on non-linear molecular dynamics and their applications to vibrational spectroscopy, reaction dynamics, search for rare events, and energy localization and  redistribution in small molecules and biomolecules. He is the developer of the computer code POMULT for finding periodic orbits with molecular Hamiltonian systems of many degrees of freedom, and co-developer of AUTODERIV, a Fortran code for automatic differentiation of arbitrary multidimensional molecular potential energy surfaces, and of the code GRID_TDSE for solving the time dependent Schroedinger Equation in Cartesian coordinates and angular momentum projection operators. Co-author of about 130 articles.

For further details regarding Professor Farantos's visit, please contact Professor Stephen Wiggins.