UoB Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Ellen Martin, University of Florida, Gainsville, USA

E Martin profile photoWeathering in Greenland: solute fluxes to the ocean and atmospheric gas exchange

Dates of visit: 13 March - 12 April 2018

Dr Ellen Martin is a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Research Foundation Faculty Fellow at the University of Florida. Her field of research is broadly defined as paleoceanography and paleoclimataology. More specifically she applies radiogenic isotope techniques to address questions about relationships between ocean circulation, chemical weathering, and global climate. Her research into the impacts of ocean gateway events and greenhouse intervals spans the geologic time scale from the Permian to the Holocene.

Recently her research has expanded to include studies of isotopic fluxes associated with chemical weathering from distinct portions of the periglacial system in Greenland, with a goal of improving interpretations of past ice sheet dynamics preserved in deep sea sediments. She is on sabbatical from University of Florida for the current year, and thus far has spent approximately three months in the field in Greenland and one month visiting the University of Copenhagen and GEUS (the Danish Geological Survey). Further information can be found on her research page.

Dr. Martin is also co-Director of the Florida Climate Institute, which aims to promote climate research and outreach at the university and statewide in Florida. In addition, she works on activities to increase the representation of women within the geological sciences.

During her stay Dr Martin will be hosted by Dr Kate Hendry (Earth Sciences) and will collaborate on the project with her husband Dr Jonathan Martin.

Dr Martin will be giving the following seminars