IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Andy Cockburn

1 Jun - 1 Sep 2013

Professor Andy Cockburn is a Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Professor Cockburn's research interests are in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), with a focus on improving human performance with computer systems by understanding and exploiting underlying human factors. He is currently head of the HCI and Multi-Media research group that is the only research group in Australasia that regularly publishes full papers at the ACM CHI Conference (CHI is the top conference on human computer interaction, and it largely defines the research field).

Prof. Cockburn's research agenda is to understand human-factors in computer use, and to use this knowledge to create interfaces that are faster to learn, more efficient to use, and more subjectively satisfying than the current state of the art. Among his multiple publications, Prof. Cockburn has built a strong reputation for conducting sound experiments that empirically characterise aspects of usability and which reveal definitive and repeatable performance gains.

 Key problems that he has worked on include improving mechanisms for navigating within electronic documents (e.g., scrolling and zooming), navigating between electronic documents (e.g., file retrieval, window switching and web navigation), command activation (e.g., menus and hotkeys), and interfaces that facilitate transitions to expertise. He is a fan of spatially stable user interfaces and of rigorous experimental research validation.

For further information on Professor Cockburn's visit, please contact Professor Sriram Subramanian.