IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Alison Bartlett, University of Western Australia, Australia

Alison Bartlett10 April - 10 June 2015

Professor Alison Bartlett completed her Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees at James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia, and worked in literature at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, for 10 years before her appointment in Gender Studies at The University of Western Australia in 2005. She is widely published in the areas of Australian literature, feminist theory and methodology, maternal practices, feminist activism and material culture, and postgraduate pedagogy. The author of two books and editor of another four, her work is notable for spearheading new areas of research (for example, in bringing continental feminist theory to Australian literature; as an early researcher in the fledgling fields of postgraduate pedagogy and also maternal studies; and more recently bringing theories of the new museology and material culture to feminist historiography). She productively works in collaboration, including in a consultancy with the National Museum of Australia to propose an Australian feminist collection and exhibition, and frequently guest edits special issues of journals as well as being General Editor of Outskirts feminist cultural studies journal since 2006. She is immediate past president of the peak professional organisation, the Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association. Her current research is concerned with  the ways in which feminist activism can be remembered, specifically through research on 1980s women’s dissent events and their contesting of gendered national identity, and its iteration in social memory and the public sphere.

For further information about Professor Bartlett's visit, please contact Dr Maud Perrier.