UoB BMVP William Parks Seminar: The reproducibility quandary in placental pathology: Can large data analytics rescue the field

4 April 2018, 9.43 AM - 4 April 2018, 9.43 AM

Dr William Parks, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

OS6, Oakfield House

Dr William Parks is the Director of Perinatal Pathology at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.

Seminar Synopsis: The field of placental pathology has largely relied on small, often contradictory, studies that have congealed into existing expert opinion. Difficulties in the assessment of placental pathology (which are almost unique to this area of pathology) have called into question the utility of these small studies and the resulting expert opinion. This talk will present our attempts to generate more definitive, reproducible data for evaluating the significance of placental pathologic findings.

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During his stay Dr Parks will be hosted by Dr Abigail Fraser (Bristol Medical School)