UoB BMVP Keith Busby Public Lecture: The Critical Edition: Death or Dearth?

24 April 2018, 5.00 PM - 24 April 2018, 7.00 PM

Professor Keith Busby

Lecture Theatre 2 (LT2), Arts Complex, 11 Woodland Road

UoB Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Keith Busby (University of Wisconsin-Madison) will deliver a public lecture entitled: The Critical Edition: Death or Dearth? 

Keith writes: "In this lecture, I will discuss the position of editorial work within the discipline of medieval French studies. After a brief review of the history of the editing of Old French texts, I consider the traditional options available to modern scholars and even whether there is any need at all for continuing the editorial enterprise begun in the second half of the nineteenth century. I lament the decline in the teaching of the medieval language (one of the necessary preliminaries to undertaking an edition) and suggest how this could be remedied. The current interest in the manuscript context of medieval literature has made the notion of the critical edition more complex and problematic, and the edition has not been rendered superfluous by the expanding corpus of online digital reproductions of manuscripts (it is unlikely that even major research libraries will in the foreseeable future have all their holdings online). The solution to the problem of how to proceed seems to me what could be called a dossier rather than an edition as such, the contents of which would vary depending on the nature of the text in question."

All welcome, to be followed by a drinks reception. 

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Manuscript images: British Library MSS Yates Thompson 18, f. 52 and Additional 39363, f. 10