Transnational Later Life Migration: Current Issues

8 February 2018, 3.30 PM - 8 February 2018, 5.30 PM

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Hong-Jae Park

Room G4/5, 10 Woodland Rd.

Dr Hong-Jae Park is a Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

This seminar will focus on Dr Park’s research on new and emerging patterns of migration by older people. It will look specifically at Dr Park’s latest findings from his research into later life migration, cross-cultural adaptation and transnational communities. It is of interest to an interdisciplinary audience and aims to highlight those issues that challenge entrenched views about migration in later life.

Organised jointly by the WUN Migration, Development and Global Transformations Network, (MDGT) the Bristol Institute for Migration and Mobility Studies (BIMMS) and the FSSL Faculty Research Group on Ageing and the Life Course (FRG-ALC).