Mayor Marvin Rees: Delivering for Bristol – The Mayor’s Annual State of the City

17 October 2018, 6.30 PM - 17 October 2018, 6.45 PM

Mayor Marvin Rees

Wills Memorial Building

Wed 17 October 2018
Wills Memorial Building
Free, but booking required.
In his 2017 State of the City Address, Mayor Marvin Rees put forward his delivery plan to implement his vision for Bristol. He now looks to the future, setting out how his administration is delivering against key pledges. Financial challenges remain, but the Mayor continues to look at the positive plans for Bristol, detailing transport innovation, environmental measures, infrastructural regeneration, how his administration is tackling the housing crisis, future plans for children’s services, and adult social care – the measures being undertaken to make Bristol a city in which nobody is left behind. He will cover progress on collaborative long-term projects such as Bristol’s One City Approach and City Funds Board. In the week that the Mayor hosts the Global Parliament of Mayors Summit in Bristol, he will also address how mayors worldwide can meet the challenges that face all cities in the absence of national government coordination. He will be joined by the City Poet, Vanessa Kisuule, who will perform a new poem at the event, as well as partners from across the city.