Interdisciplinary Research Internship Scheme Presentations

30 January 2019, 3.30 PM - 30 January 2019, 5.30 PM

The winners of the 2018 IRIS poster competition.

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building, University Walk

As a catalyst for promoting new interdisciplinary research across the University, the University Research Committee (URC) awarded 69 research internships to undergraduate (UG) students to undertake interdisciplinary research projects (IRPs) over the summer of 2018.

Presentations by the 11 student poster winners are due to start at 3.30 pm, tea/coffee and cake will then be served in the mezzanine outside the theatre and there will be an opportunity to view the winning posters and talk to the students.

We will be organising for all posters to be displayed at a University location in due course.

All are invited to attend.