Conversation across languages and cultures: Cross-linguistic perspectives on taking turns to talk

8 February 2018, 5.00 PM - 8 February 2018, 6.00 PM

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Joe Blythe, MacQuarie University, Australia

Lecture Theatre 3, Woodland Road (Arts complex)

Dr Joe Blythe is an interactional linguist specialising in Australian Indigenous languages. He conducts field research on the Murrinhpatha language of the Northern Territory and on the Gija and Jaru languages from northern Western Australia.

How diverse is the organisation of conversation across different cultures and languages? Should culturally-specific models explain perceived contrasts in styles, such as varying use of gaze and timing of turns-in? Can differences be elucidated by universal organisation calibrated to local conditions? Interactional linguist Joe Blythe examines conversational turn-taking in speakers of four Australian Aboriginal languages.

All welcome, followed by a drinks reception

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During his stay Dr Blythe will be hosted by Professor Fiona Jordan  (Anthropology, School of Arts)