BMVP Dorota Dyjakon Public Lecture: Relationships after Domestic Violence – Is it Possible to Build a Better Relationship, or Is Leaving Inevitable? Findings from Work with Perpetrators in Poland

13 November 2018, 5.15 PM - 13 November 2018, 6.15 PM

Dr Dorota Dyjakon

Lecture Theatre 2D1

We may wonder whether it is possible to build a good relationship following experience of  violence from one’s partner, or whether the abused party must inevitably leave. Research indicates that four conditions must be addressed if there is to be any hope for a successful ongoing relationship (Dyjakon 2016):

The first condition involves the personality profile and earlier childhood experiences of the perpetrators, for instance if they have psychopathic tendencies, or have large adaptive potential (Rode 2010). The second is possibility for change, of adopting those traits that support changes that would allow one to be safe in close relationships. The third relates to the nature of the relationship. The fourth condition is connected with the wider context and life circumstances of perpetrators and victims.

What does this all this mean? During this lecture, Dr Dyjakon will consider what kind of changes indicate the possibility of building trust in a relationship with a history of domestic violence, and explore when a continued relationship is possible and when it is impossible.

Followed by refreshments. Free registration recommended.

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