Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Uzy Smilansky public lecture: Archaeology in 3D

24 October 2018, 5.15 PM - 24 October 2018, 7.30 PM

Professor Uzy Smilansky

Mott Lecture Theatre, Physics Building

This talk will review recent work carried out at the Computerized Archaeology Laboratory at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem). Ancient artefacts are optically scanned in 3D resulting in high resolution digitized  models, which are further elaborated to document and study the archaeological finds. It is here that computational methods are harnessed to support the Archaeological research in addressing old issues and providing new approaches.  Professor Smilansky will try to give a glimpse into the laboratory's various activities and modus operandi by focussing on examples from their studies of ceramic and  lithic artefacts, coins, botanical remains, etc.

To be followed by a drinks reception.

Uzy Smilansky profile picture