Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Timothy Donais Public lecture: Between Robust Peacekeeping and Inclusive Peacebuilding

3 October 2018, 5.00 PM - 3 October 2018, 6.30 PM

Associate Professor Timothy Donais of Wilfrid Laurier University

2D3 Social Sciences Complex

In the context of thinking about the 21st Century peacekeeping environment, this lecture will reflect on the dynamic relationship between peacekeeping and peacebuilding.  While peacebuilding remains, in many ways, the only sustainable exit strategy for contemporary peace operations, the track record of recent operations – particularly in Africa – points to growing tensions between short-term stabilization strategies and longer-term conflict transformation efforts. 

On the one hand, growing pressures on UN missions to use force either in defence of civilian populations or against armed parties to the conflict may compromise the UN’s ability to serve as a neutral third party in conflict resolution efforts.  On the other, the turn towards inclusivity in peacebuilding practice has also challenged peace support missions to meaningfully engage with host countries and local communities in the name of inclusive national ownership. 

Ultimately, then, contemporary peace support operations must increasingly walk a fine line between the securitizing imperatives of protection and the political imperatives of empowering local agency for dialogue and consensus-building.

Followed by a drinks reception.

Please note the change of room from previously advertised, upgraded due to demand.

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