IAS BMVP Stanislav Speranski Graduate Seminar: Measuring complexity of Kripkean truth predicates

1 August 2017, 4.00 PM - 1 August 2017, 6.10 PM

Stanislav Speranski

Howard House (Mathematics Department), 4th floor, Seminar Room

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Stanislav Speranski will lead a Graduate Seminar entitled: Measuring complexity of Kripkean truth predicates


In this seminar we shall discuss how to measure complexity of partial truth predicates arising in Kripke's theory of truth. I shall present a method for proving complexity results in this direction, and show how to use it to obtain some interesting generalisations of known results. This method will be both relatively simple, involving only the basic machinery of constructive ordinals, and very general.

To read more about Professor Speranski's visit, which is supervised by Professor Leon Horsten (Philosophy), see here.


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