IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor François Birgand Public Lecture: Improvements in stream water quality: can we detect them and if yes, how?

29 November 2017, 5.15 PM - 29 November 2017, 6.30 PM

François Birgand

Lecture theatre 1.18, Queen's Building

IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor François Birgand is an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA.  

Lecture summary:

For several decades governments and agencies have massively invested in programmes to improve stream water quality, with a particular focus on nutrients. These have been developed in tandem with monitoring schemes to demonstrate benefits of these interventions.  But there have been rather mixed results. So why is that? Is it that many water quality improvements do not immediately follow from active intervention but rather incur a time delay as natural systems adjust to a new regime, or that our current methods are not adequate to identify and attribute observed changes, or a combination of both?

In this lecture we will look at methods for monitoring water quality in streams and rivers and explore the challenges that are associated with detecting water quality improvements. We will report the potential shortcomings of infrequent (but cheap) sampling and explore the perspectives brought by new high-frequency in situ water quality sensors.

All welcome. A drinks reception follows the lecture. 

Contact information

During his stay in Bristol, Dr Birgand will be hosted by Dr Nicholas Howden (Engineering).