Christmas IASIS on 'Perception'

12 December 2014, 11.00 PM - 12 December 2014, 11.00 PM

4:30pm, Friday 12 December, Institute for Advanced Studies, Verdon-Smith Room, Royal Fort House

'IASIS'- this contrived term combines connotations of a healing process through dialogue and a pathological condition - an appropriate vibe for IAS' equivalent of the Enlightenment salon. This is an open house invitation to come along, have a drink of some kind, meet other interesting people and (amongst other things) think over a general issue relevant to our common research and intellectual concerns.

For this Christmas IASIS, our topic will be Perception. Drinks and mince pies will be provided. All are warmly welcomed. Please do register your attendance below:

Eventbrite - IASIS

The IASIS will follow on from an interdisciplinary symposium, Perspectives on Perception, around visual perception and illusion.

For further details, please contact Dr Conny Lippert at

Expertise IASIS Poster 2 by Susan Jim