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'No Pain, No Gain': Workshop 3

‘No Pain, No Gain’ Workshop Series

15:30 – 16:30, SOMS AIMS TUT 2A


Dr. Fiona Holmes, Research Fellow, School of Physiology and Pharmacology/ School of Clinical Sciences

This workshop series aims to provide a forum for early career scientists involved in pain-related research, to present and discuss their current and future work. Researchers with an interest in pain are invited, to provide intellectual and practical input from a range of perspectives. These meetings aim to be both brain-storming and trouble-shooting sessions that stimulate the exchange and generation of ideas, as well as solving problems.

There are several research groups within the University with a principal interest in pain. The combined work of these groups aims to understand the mechanisms involved in acute pain through to the processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of chronic pain states. The research interests of these groups range from peripheral sensory neurons through spinal cord processing of nociceptive inputs, to modulation of nociception in higher centres of the brain and the descending control of pain. The research activity extends from ‘bench-to-bedside’ with the clinical treatment of pain in both animals and humans also being investigated. The experimental approaches in use encompass molecular, cellular, anatomical, electrophysiological, genetic, behavioural, imaging and clinical studies – from single cells to humans.

Pain-related research within the University encompasses a broad range of specific interests as well as highly specialised techniques and expertise. The ‘No Pain, No Gain’ workshop series aims to encourage communication between researchers with a common interest in pain but with a variety of different experience, to allow a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and solutions.

For more information, please contact Fiona Holmes (
f.e.holmes@bris.ac.uk Ext: 11420)