IAS Salon - IASIS: 'Art/Science'

27 July 2011, 11.55 PM - 27 July 2011, 11.55 PM

Wed 27 Jul 2011, 17:00 - 20:00, Verdon-Smith Room, IAS, First Floor, Royal Fort House.
' IASIS'- this contrived term combines connotations of a healing process through dialogue and a pathological condition - an appropriate vibe for IAS' equivalent of the Enlightenment salon. The idea is that at least twice a term, in the Verdon-Smith room at the IAS, there will be an open house invitation to come along, have a drink of some kind, meet other interesting people and (amongst other things) think over a general issue relevant to our common research and intellectual concerns.

This IASIS will have an 'Art/Science' theme partly to reflect the interests and work of our current Artist in Residence, Victoria Vesna (http://victoriavesna.com/index.php).

Some of the work Victoria has been producing during her stay in Bristol will be on view, in particular dealing with themes of water and ports.

This work is of considerable interest in its own right and should also serve as a stimulus to further discussions about the interface between science, place and the creative imagination.

As always, the occasion will be informal and convivial, with refreshments provided.

All welcome, but do let Edwina (Edwina.Thorn@bristol.ac.uk) know if you intend to come along.

Water Bowls by Victoria Vesna

Water Bowls (2006 - Present) by Victoria Vesna: Four water bowls reflect different aspects of water related to the collective, global human condition.