IAS Salon - IASIS: 'Translation and Translationality'

2 June 2011, 11.55 PM - 2 June 2011, 11.55 PM

Thu 2 Jun 2011, 17:00 - 20:00, Verdon-Smith Room, IAS, First Floor, Royal Fort House.
' IASIS'- this contrived term combines connotations of a healing process through dialogue and a pathological condition - an appropriate vibe for IAS' equivalent of the Enlightenment salon. The idea is that at least twice a term, in the Verdon-Smith room at the IAS, there will be an open house invitation to come along, have a drink of some kind, meet other interesting people and (amongst other things) think over a general issue relevant to our common research and intellectual concerns.

This time around, the theme is 'Translation and Translationality'.

These terms are increasingly seen as central to a number of research clusters, problems and missions within the university (and beyond).

Yet translation or translationality means rather different things to different disciplines, such as:

  • translational medicine;
  • translational epidemiology;
  • the question of translation across Kuhnian paradigms in philosophy of science;
  • translation in dramatic and performative contexts;
  • cultural translation as one version of the core of anthropology, and
  • the sociology of translation as espoused in 'actor network theory'.

Not to mention long-standing issues about the process and status of the translation of historical and literary works.

So there is a rich seam of issues to tap into here, and different theoretical lines to pursue. Do come along and contribute/listen. The context is essentially informal, but never short of either testing provocations or mutually beneficial dialogue.

All welcome, but do let Edwina (Edwina.Thorn@bristol.ac.uk) know if you intend to come along.

Expertise IASIS Poster 2 by Susan Jim