IAS Salon - IASIS: 'Persuasion'

10 November 2011, 11.55 PM - 10 November 2011, 11.55 PM

Thu 10 Nov 2011, 17:00 - 20:00, Verdon-Smith Room, IAS, First Floor, Royal Fort House.
' IASIS'- this contrived term combines connotations of a healing process through dialogue and a pathological condition - an appropriate vibe for IAS' equivalent of the Enlightenment salon.  This is an open house invitation to come along, have a drink of some kind, meet other interesting people and (amongst other things) think over a general issue relevant to our common research and intellectual concerns.

This academic year, IASIS will follow the themes of Persuasion, Narration, and Causation.

This first IASIS on Persuasion refers to the different ways and norms, within and across the disciplines, of convincingly advancing a case, or making a definite contribution to knowledge, or engaging in critique/polemic.

The theme gives rise to issues about when and how appropriately 'rhetorical' modes of presentation and engagement degenerate into the 'merely rhetorical'. There is also the 'rhetoric of no rhetoric' - impersonal, objective, 'scientific'. Is this style still hegemonic in academic self-presentation? Does it still deserve to be?

As always, the occasion will be informal and convivial, with refreshments provided.

All welcome, but please do let Edwina (Edwina.Thorn@bristol.ac.uk) know if you intend to come along.