X Incontro di Dialettologia Italiana (Day 3)

24 September 2010, 11.55 PM - 24 September 2010, 11.55 PM

Tuesday 22nd - Thursday 24th September 2010. The tenth 'Incontro di Dialettologia Italiana' and workshop on the 'Diachronic Evolution of (Italo)-Romance Pronominal Systems'. Conveners: Mair Parry and Diego Pescarini.


Full 3-day programme (PDF, 254kB)

Friday 24th September

Workshop “the Diachronic Evolution of (Italo)-Romance Pronominal Systems”

9.30 Leonida Chillà (Firenze): Object clitics in modal and existential contexts in the variety of Squillace

10.00 Paola Benincà (Padova): Clitici e particelle in varietà occitaniche

Coffee break

11.30 Maria Rita Manzini, Leonardo M. Savoia (Firenze): From Latin into Romance: case loss and preservation in pronominal systems

12.00 Silvia Luraghi (Pavia): Omissione di clitici in frasi coordinate: latino, italiano antico, italiano moderno

12.30 Diego Pescarini (Bristol): La morfologia dei clitici dativo e locativo nei volgari settentrionali

As organisers of the tenth Incontro di Dialettologia Italiana and the Workshop on the Diachronic Evolution of (Italo)-Romance Pronominal Systems, we gratefully acknowledge the financial and other support of the Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts (BIRTHA), the Institute for Advanced Studies at Royal Fort House, the School of Modern Languages, all at the University of Bristol. The Workshop is part of a Marie Curie IEF research project funded by the European Commission on "Pronouns of medieval Italian dialects".

Mair Parry and Diego Pescarini, University of Bristol

For more details of this event, please contact Mair Parry, Professor of Italian Linguistics: Email M.M.Parry@bristol.ac.uk.