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Dr Tom Gleeson
University of Victoria, Canada

11 Sept - 15 Dec Professor Thorsten Wagener
Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CAME)
Revising and evaluating the planetary boundary for water
Associate Professor Andrew Cohen
Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA


11 Sept - 15 Dec Professor Rafael E. Carazo Salas
Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Mapping human stem cell differentiation quantitatively and spatiotemporally at single cell resolution 

Professor Uzy Smilansky
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

14 Sept - 15 Dec 2018 Professor Sir Michael Berry
The distribution of delay-times in scattering of ultra-short pulses from complex targets

Dr Salvador Llinares
University of Alicante, Spain

17 Oct - 15 Dec Ms Laurinda Brown
School of Education
 Enactivism and Professional Noticing in Mathematics Education

Professor Ann Pearson
Harvard University, USA

27 Oct - 15 Dec

Dr Fanny Monteiro
Geographical Sciences

Professor Richard Pancost

Marine Ecology: Modelling a Theory of the Redfield Ratio

Professor William Walters
Carleton University, Canada

4 - 7 Nov

Dr Elspeth Van Veeren

Secrecy and (in)security: developing a research agenda