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Dr Arthur Levy
Laboratoire de Thermique et Energie de Nantes (LTEN), France

8 May - 5 Aug  Dr. James Kratz
Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CAME)
Manufacturing processes for sustainable composite materials of the future

Professor Rebecca Dorsey
University of Oregon, USA

14 May - 15 August Professor Katharine Cashman
Earth Sciences
Tectonic Controls on Sedimentary Basins and Regional Paleorivers

Dr Agustin Martinelli
Argentinean Natural Science Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

28 June - 17 July

Professor Emily Rayfield
Earth Sciences
Looking beyond: how CT scanning opens up new horizons in understanding South American cynodonts and mammalian origins

Professor Peter Smith
Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

30 June - 2 August

Professor Carl Dettmann
Stochastic processes and mobility models for drones (unmanned aerial vehicles)

Dr Elay Shech
Auburn University, Alabama, USA

1 July - 1 August

Dr Karim Thebault

Transfer of Epistemic Warrant in Analogue Models: The Case of the Hubbard Model

Professor Mary Brydon-Miller
University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

5 - 30 July

Mrs Aggie Bezzina
Policy Studies

A Politics of Reciprocity: The Role of HEIs in Fostering and Nurturing Community Strengths

Professor Michael T. Davies-Coleman
University of the Western Cape, South Africa

9 July - 1 August

Professor Dudley Shallcross

Natural and anthropogenic halocarbon emissions from the terrestrial and aquatic sources in the Cape Peninsula and their impact on climate and air quality

Professor Sian Hemmings
Stellenbosch University, South Africa

9 - 19 July

Dr Luisa Zuccolo
Population Health Science

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: The role of the microbiome in a high-risk South African population