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Professor John Montgomery
University of Auckland, New Zealand

26 June - 14 July

Shane Watson

Cerebellum-inspired flight control design for unmanned air vehicles

Professor Stanislav Speranski
St Petersburg State University, Russia

15 July - 12 Aug

Leon Horsten

Arbitrary Objects and Structures

Dr François Birgand
North Carolina State University, USA

24 July - 23 Dec

Nicholas Howden
Civil Engineering

Leading the water quality sensor revolution in catchment hydrology

Professor Marius Ungarish
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

30 July - 31 Aug

Andrew Hogg

The effects of mixing on the atmospheric dispersion of volcanic ash and the
long runout of oceanic particle-laden flows

Dr Maria-Paz Marzolo
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

1 Aug - 27 Oct

Pete Cullen

Defining the SNX17-retriever pathway in endosomal recycling of ApoER2 and reelin signalling