Salary scales for trainee and apprentice staff

Changes to Apprenticeship Rates – 1 September 2021

In 2021 a review of Apprentice salary rates took place within HR to ensure the rates remain competitive within a rapidly changing market.

As a result, the new Apprentice pay scales have been incorporated into the University existing pay grades and structures, and our main staff A-L pay structure has been extended to cover our Apprentices. Apprentice roles will be subject to the same job evaluation and cost of living increases as all other roles within the A-L pay structure.

Apprentices will be subject to an annual progression movement (with the exception of 18-month Apprentice contracts), which will be determined by review of the required work-based performance and study progress relevant to the period of learning.

Salaries effective from 1st September 2021 

Evaluated Grade Apprentice level 
Admin Apprenticeships
(18 months / 6 year apprenticeships)
Senior Admin Apprenticeships (e.g solicitors)
Technical Apprenticeships
(4 year apprenticeship)
Laboratory Technician Apprentices
(2 year apprenticeship)
Trainee Technician
(one year non-apprenticeship)
 Year  Salary  Year  Salary  Year  Salary  Year Salary   Year Salary 
 Grade B  Level 2 (GCSE) 18 months 


     Year 1  £17,901  Year 1  £17,901  Year 1  £17,901
 Grade C  Level 3 (A level) 18 months  £18,529       Year 2  £18,529  Year 2  £18,529    
 Grade D   Level 4 (Foundation Degree)      Year 1  £19,623  Year 3  £19,623        
     Year 2  £20,092  Year 4  £20,092        
 Grade E   Level 5 (Higher National Degree)       Year 3  £21,686            
     Year 4  £22,254            

Grade F

Level 6      Year 5 £24,174            

Grade G

Level 7     Year 6 £27,116            


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