Green Labs Network

Benefits of joining the Green Labs Network

  • activities count towards professional development goals
  • offers CV experience and networking opportunities 
  • helps us meet our environmental targets
  • promotes your lab group as socially responsible

Tips and guidance

Resources and financial incentives can be accessed through the staff intranet

Sign up to LEAF

LEAF is an accreditation scheme that helps groups reduce their environmental impact in labs. 

We need lab users to engage with our Sustainable Science and Green Labs Initiative so that we can reduce the environmental impact of our scientific research. Whether you're a student, academic or technician, there are various ways that you can get involved and identify potential areas for improvement within your specialisms. You can sign your lab group up to LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework), or get involved individually through the Green Labs Network.

Although very interlinked, you can do one without the other:

  • LEAF is a nationally recognised accreditation in which lab users work through a series of criteria to improve their lab efficiency and sustainability. 
  • The Green Labs Network provides a platform for individual staff and students to not only communicate with one another but with the entire University and beyond. It is a flexible role and you can have as little or as much involvement as you like.

Find out who's in the Green Labs Network

Green Labs Network

The Green Labs Network consists of dedicated volunteers (Green Labs Members and Leaders) committed to making a positive sustainable impact in their lab, in turn helping us to meet our University-wide sustainability pledges. The role is flexible and designed to suit staff and students' interests, priorities and schedules. At its core, it's all about being enthusiastic about sustainability issues and working to help improve the University's environmental impact.

Be recognised as a leader in sustainability by joining the Green Labs Network and becoming a Green Labs Leader or Member. You can help us to achieve the goals of our Sustainable Science and Green Labs initiative by:

  • sharing best practice across the University - and beyond - in order to build a more sustainable science community
  • raising awareness of, and encouraging engagement with our sustainability goals.
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