Green Impact Scheme

The Green Impact Awards Scheme is a practical way of helping staff and students to become greener during their time here at Bristol, whilst celebrating the small steps that individuals are taking to reduce our collective environmental impact.

Green Impact for staff and students

The Green Impact scheme challenges you to implement a number of easy actions within your department that will help the environment. The more actions you complete, the more points you score, leading to a Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, Gold or Platinum Award. Actions amongst other things include, saving energy, recycling, transport, health and wellbeing, and volunteering.

Anyone – staff or student – can get involved, usually in a team. Teams can be of any size, from across the whole University, and any student or member of staff can lead a team on behalf of their department or residence.

Green Impact 2018 closes on Thursday 1st November. 

The Green Impact portfolio (PDF, 2,645kB) showcases the scheme and highlights the achievements made by winning teams.

Green Impact supports the University's PositveWorking@Bristol initiative find out more at PW@B 

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10 Years of Green Impact

This is a particularly exciting year for the scheme as we celebrate 10 years of Green Impact at University of Bristol! We hope that you'll join us in making this an especially big year of Green Impact achievements. 

Do you have a particular project or idea you'd like to undertake for the scheme? Contact Maev Moran, Communications and Campaigns Assistant for Sustainability to let us know. We have even extended the deadline for the scheme to October to allow you plenty of time to make the biggest impact possible.


Volunteer as a Green Impact Project Auditor

Students can get involved in Green Impact by becoming a Green Impact Project Auditor. Once Green Impact workbooks are submitted on 1st November 2018, workspaces will be audited to ensure that all actions ticked in the workbook have been carried out. You’ll gain invaluable, hands-on skills in communications, leadership and environmental auditing whilst helping bring about real change.

Sustainbility will be looking for volunteers in October 2018! NUS training and audits will take place on Monday 5th November. 

Sponsor the awards

We’re currently looking for organisations to sponsor the Green Impact scheme for 2018.

You could support us by:

  • sponsoring the scheme through a donation of £200-£500
  • providing prizes for our winning teams
  • providing freebies  for "goodie" bags we give to winning teams at the awards ceremony.
  • sponsoring one of our annual special awards: Environmental Hero, Community Action, Student Leadership, and the Green Impact Proudest Achievement Award for £500.

Sponsoring Green Impact provides an opportunity to contribute to your corporate social responsibility objectives, exposes you to a wider university community, associates you with a UNESCO award winning program, and shows a continuing interest in sustainability within Bristol following the 2015 Green Capital year.  For more information on how your organisation could help us run the scheme, please contact Martin Wiles.

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Do you work in science?

You can take part in Green Impact Labs alongside the traditional scheme

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