The Green Apple Scheme

As a signatory of the Sustainable Development Goals accord the University of Bristol is committed to embedding Sustainable Development principles and experiences in the education it offers its students. The Green Apple Scheme is intended to support initiatives by staff and students to do this, and to expand the provision of Education for Sustainable Development experiences to students, both in the formal curriculum and in extra-curricular activities. 

Green Apple (GA) funding provides staff with an opportunity to access responsive and agile short-term project funding to explore and experiment with new educational experiences which contribute to and complement the University’s Sustainability Strategy. 

GA funding, providing grants of £500-£1500, is available all year round and is intended to fund a specific activity over a short, set period or to kick start a new activity with the potential to be independently sustainable afterwards. 

Student involvement (UG and/or PG) is expected in most funded projects, though in some cases may not be necessary for a clear and justified reason.  Projects may also be student-led, but are required to have a member of staff as a mentor who takes responsibility for the budget. Projects which engage stakeholders beyond the university are also welcome, provided they can demonstrate clear educational outcomes for the students involved. 

Selection criteria

All projects must demonstrate that they can (directly or indirectly) further student understanding of and engagement with at least one aspect of sustainable development. They may do this within a subject specific formal curriculum, an interdisciplinary open unit, or extracurricular activities which contribute to students’ wider educational experience at the University of Bristol. Projects which have large reach (in terms of the number of students engaged) or transformative potential (in terms of longer term changes of awareness and educational practice) will be favoured.

Example projects which would be considered for funding include, but are not restricted to:

  • The creation of a short video for students in a given school, briefing them on what aspects of sustainable development are relevant to their discipline and why.

  • The development of course materials for existing or new units, which embed aspects of sustainable development in them. Course materials (eg online resources) which can be used in multiple disciplines are particularly welcome.

  • The creation and running of student-led workshops for Bristol schoolchildren related to sustainable development, or other student-led outreach activities.

  • The purchase of software or other assets for use in the teaching of sustainable-development related content.

  • The organisation of interdisciplinary events for students and staff to discuss and debate an aspect of sustainable development, possibly including external speakers.

  • Review of an existing program as to where and how sustainable development concepts could be integrated into it.


To apply, please read the Green Apple Guidance (PDF, 132kB)‌, and then fill out the Green Apple Funding Application (PDF, 174kB)‌. We encourage you to contact us informally in advance to get feedback as to whether your idea is appropriate for this fund.

Contact Prof Chris Preist, Sustainable Futures Theme Lead:

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