Hydrologists go green

A group of hydrologists took their interest in the local environment to the next level with a quiet and growing green space.

Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of group member Valentina, the researchers were recognised for their efforts to be more environmentally aware in the workplace with a bronze Green Impact award. This now seems to have galvanised the team to developing green fingers.

Starting with a few pots, the research group have grown flowers, salad, herbs and vegetables. They also set up a wormery to recycle food waste and coffee grounds, which will eventually be used as compost to grow other plants.

The team bought plants and equipment for their burgeoning garden, and received seeds from the Avon Wildlife Trust to attract bees and butterflies.

One of the researchers, Will Hall, said: "Gardening is very therapeutic and it's nice to do as a group. Access to green spaces across the University is really important and that's why we are hoping to develop this further".

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