Graduation checklist

Before the day:

IMPORTANT: Your degree must be awarded at a faculty examination board or research degrees examination board on or before Friday 25 January, and your fees paid in full by Monday 7 January 2019, in order for you to be eligible to graduate and attend the ceremony.

On the day:

  • Collect your graduand ticket and guest tickets from the Richmond Building, Queen's Road - there is a strict security policy of 'no admittance without a ticket' *
  • Collect your gown from the Richmond Building, Queen's Road
  • Have your official photographs taken at the Richmond Building, Queen's Road - either before or after your ceremony
  • Familiarise yourself with security arrangements at the Wills Memorial Building and plan where to meet your guests after the ceremony finishes - it can be very busy directly outside the building
  • Ensure that you are robed and seated in the Great Hall at the time required for your ceremony - check your timetable for the day here
  • Return your gown at the Richmond Building or drop-off point at the Wills Memorial Building, by 7.00 pm
  • Enjoy your day!

*If you have guests who would like to share your special day with you but who do not have tickets for the ceremony, they are welcome to watch it in the Balloon Bar at the Richmond Building where it will be screened live.

Friends and family who are not present on the day can watch a live streaming of the ceremony via the Graduation website.

Departmental celebrations

Please contact your school or department for details of any celebration events they may be arranging for your graduation day.

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