How to choose your units

Find out what you need to know when choosing units for your programme of study.

Before you come to Bristol you will need to choose your preferred units (classes). The information will help you choose your units for your Study Abroad programme at Bristol. You need to read through the information before you submit your application.

When you view the unit catalogue you will need to:

  1. Choose the academic year
  2. Browse units
  3. Check the unit description for:

 We can not guarantee unit choices. 

There are some things you need to check to make sure that your units work for you.

1. Choose the academic year

We update the unit catalogue spring, so make sure that you are searching for the correct academic year and that you only select units available during your study abroad period.

For example, if you are due to start in September 2022 or January 2023, you need the 2022/23 academic year.

2. Browse units

Once you have chosen the academic year, you can search the catalogue for courses that match your search terms, or browse the entire unit catalogue. You can also browse by faculty, if you know what academic area you want to study.

Not all units in every subject listed in the catalogue are open to Study Abroad students. You will need to check the subject study guide to see which units are open to you in each subject.

If you are applying to the Study Abroad (Subject pathway) programme, you must take most of your units from that subject.

Type of units

There are different types of units:

Open unit status

The open unit status section of the unit catalogue only applies to students studying their full degree in Bristol. You can choose both 'open' and 'not open' units for your programme. 

Project units

Units which are listed at projects are not usually available for Study Abroad students. If you have a question about a specific project unit, contact the Global Opportunities team.

3. Check the unit description

Use the information in the unit catalogue to work out if a unit has the right content for you and if it is equivalent to a unit at your home university.

Each unit description provides:

  • a general description of the unit, including required pre-requisite knowledge and co-requisites with other units
  • learning objectives
  • teaching and assessment methods
  • course texts
  • the credit point value (Bristol credits).

We cannot provide a syllabus or teaching plan for units, and teaching timetables are not available until you arrive in Bristol. We will work with you to help you find units that can fit together, and will help you find alternative units if there are any clashes.

Credit point value

If you are applying to the Study Abroad (Subject pathway) programme, you must take at least 40 out of 60 credits in your host department each semester.  

It is not possible to audit or observe units (classes) without taking the unit for credit and taking all the associated assessments.

Find out about credits and transcripts.

Check teaching blocks

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