Academic support

Explore the support available while you study.

Study Abroad Academic Directors

Many of our academic departments have a Study Abroad Academic Directors (SAAD) and a dedicated Study Abroad administrator who can help and support you.

You will be given a full contact list for the SAADs and administrators in each department at orientation at may be able to meet them in your first week.

Study Skills service

The University’s Study Skills service can help you develop and enhance your academic skills. It offers online, interactive resources that you can use any time on a mobile, tablet or desktop. It also runs regular one-to-one's, drop-in tutorials and small-group workshops, all of which cover a wide range of study skills, including:

  • academic writing and avoiding plagiarism
  • critical thinking
  • using feedback for success
  • exam and revision techniques
  • presentation skills
  • time management and work planning. 

The Study Skills service is available to everyone, no matter what course you're on, the grades you are getting, or your level of study.

Extenuating circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are events that affect your performance in assessment and are usually either unforeseen or outside of your control.

This may include:

  • sudden or ongoing illnesses
  • a bereavement
  • unexpected responsibilities like caring for a family member.

In certain situations Study Abroad students can submit an Extenuating Circumstances form. The Extenuating Circumstances process for Study Abroad students in 2022-23 (available in two formats):

Extenuating Circumstances process for Study Abroad students (2022/23) (PDF, 119kB)

Extenuating Circumstances process for Study Abroad students (2022/23) (Office document, 29kB)

This guidance confirms what outcomes may be possible and not possible for Study Abroad students.

The Global Opportunities team can advise you if this process will be of benefit to you.  

The Students' Union has a guide on extenuating circumstances. You can find further guidance on our Study Abroad Blackboard pages at the start of your programme.

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