The University Signage Scheme has a simple aim – to make the University campus more legible and welcoming to visitors and the University community.

The scheme is about communicating the right information at the right place and creating an integrated wayfaring system for pedestrians, riders and drivers.  It is about getting from A to B and on to C as easily and efficiently as possible with the aid of clear, accurate, high quality information.

The City of Bristol has an award-winning signage system (part of the Bristol Legible City initiative) which has become a model for other city-centre schemes in the UK.  The University’s signage scheme has been designed to complement, and have strong visual associations with, the Bristol Legible City signs.  The linkage between the schemes reflects the close relationship between town and the University and should be helpful to visitors to the University.

The University signs have been designed as a family, with each element supporting the others and creating a stronger University brand across the campus.

More information on signage is in our visual identity guidelines.