Historic Gardens

University of Bristol Historic Gardens Book, Second Edition

The University of Bristol is the guardian of an impressive range of historic gardens. These include an a Civil War fortification at the Royal Fort, an Edwardian flower garden designed for the treatment of hospital  patients, and a rare merchant’s eighteenth-century town garden with the most exotic and best-preserved grotto in the entire country at Goldney. 

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Using many original archive resources, this book has been researched and written by Marion Mako, who studied for an MA in Garden History at the University. Proceeds from the sale of the book and greeting cards (sold at the end of the garden tours) is put towards the work of the committee.

  The Journal of the Garden History Society has also produced a publication in 1989 on the Natural History of the Goldney Grotto, Clifton, Bristol, written by Robert Savage.   This is not available online so please request a copy through the Historic Gardens Administrator, see below for details.   There is no charge for this but we would suggest a donation be made towards the work of the historic gardens.

Many of the University’s historic gardens are attached to Halls of Residence and can be enjoyed by students and staff alike. It is, however, the purpose of the historic gardens book to make the wider public, particularly the citizenry of Bristol, aware of what the University owns, and to enable visitors to appreciate its gardens.

University Historic Buildings & Gardens Committee

As an active body, the Historic Buildings and Gardens Committee aims to be proactive in identifying, overseeing and delivering conservation projects throughout the University whether it be buildings, landscapes or other artefacts of historical significance.

The Committee is very grateful for the donations that it receives in order to deliver these developments. For example recent funding allocations have helped us to provide:

Alan Stealey, Chair, Historic Building and Gardens Committee, July 2013 - present

Copies of the book are available from the University’s online shop at http://www.bristol.ac.uk/gardens-events and are priced at £7.00 which includes postage. 

Copies of the book are also available on the ‘Specialist Garden Tours’ (Goldney and Royal Fort Garden) and these are priced at £5.00 each.   

Alternatively, you can contact the Historic Gardens Administrator nicolette.smith@bristol.ac.uk