Historic gardens

Commissioned by the University Historic Gardens and Buildings Committee we are proud to showcase the new publication of the Historic Gardens Book.

The University of Bristol is the guardian of an impressive range of historic gardens. These include an Iron Age hill fort at Burwalls, overlaid with Victorian planting, a Civil War fortification at the Royal Fort, an Edwardian flower garden designed for the treatment of hospital patients, and a rare merchant’s eighteenth-century town garden with the most exotic and best preserved grotto in the entire country at Goldney.

Many of the Universities historic gardens are attached to halls of residence and can be enjoyed by students and staff alike. It is, however, the purpose of this book to make the wider public, particularly the citizenry of Bristol, aware of what the University owns, and to enable visitors to appreciate its gardens.

Using many original archive resources, this book has been researched and written by Marion Mako, who studied for an MA in Garden History at the University. Lavishly illustrated, it tells the story of nine gardens and the people who created them.

Copies of the book are available from External Estates by contacting Nicolette Smith.