Gardens team

Crocuses at Manor Hall

The Gardens service operates several static teams based at Royal Fort, the Stoke Bishop accommodation campus, halls of residence in Clifton and Langford House, North Somerset.

A mobile team covers the city campus and provides extra support to the static teams when necessary. The Horticultural Manager has overall responsibility for the Gardens team and project manages external contractors, such as arboricultural specialists when necessary.  

Our in house team of qualified horticulturalists carries out the following operations, seasonally, in accordance to the service level agreement.

All green waste generated from these operations is composted and applied back to the gardens and grounds as mulch.Leaf litter is collected, composted and used by us as soil enriching mulch or growing media. Larger woody material, that would otherwise be unsuitable for composting, is processed using our Timberwolf shredding machine. Quality plants and trees are procured from trusted local growers and where possible, teams propagate to increase existing stock.