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Marcus Munafo at No.10

Marcus Munafo met with David Halpern and Laura Haynes of the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team to discuss ongoing work on the effects of tobacco packaging and point of sale displays on smoking behaviour.

On Monday 16th April, the government launched a consultation on tobacco packaging scheduling a proposal to remove all branding from cigarette packs sold in the UK. The research conducted by Olivia Maynard, as part of her PhD, alongside Marcus, is assessing the effectiveness of this tobacco control strategy. Her recent research indicates that light and non-established smokers look at the health warnings more on plain packages of cigarettes. Other research is investigating the effect of different cigarette packages on brain responses, the effectiveness of different health warnings on packages and the role of pack shape and size on attracting smokers.

Marcus Munafo outside Number 10 Downing Street