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We are looking for volunteers to take part in the following experiments:

Identifying information in noisy videos
We are looking for participants for a study on how people identify information in noisy videos.

Categorizing Words
This study investigates the way in which the human visual system recognizes words during reading. Participants are reimbursed £5.

Food choices across the life span
We are currently looking for male and female participants aged 40+ to take part in a study investigating food choices across the life span.

Investigating the acceptability of commercial foods
Male and female participants aged 18-70 required. £150 reimbursement offered for participation in a 12-day food trial (lab presence required for only 5 days).

Blood Pressure Study
In this study, We are looking for people with high blood pressure to take part.

Enhanced Television Broadcast Formats
The University of Bristol Vision Institute in partnership with BBC R&D is currently running paid psychology experiments on enhanced television broadcast formats and needs your help with an experiment. 

Investigating The relationship between state-anxiety and alcohol related behaviours
This study is currently looking for people between the ages of 18 and 50 years old who drink alcohol at least weekly. Participants must speak English as their first language (or have equivalent level of fluency) and be in good physical and psychiatric health.

Participants who used coloured filters for reading needed for experiments on visual stress
Participants needed (16-35 years old) who use coloured overlays, lenses or screen filters for reading. 

Please be aware that we do not keep contact information for the experiments listed above and we will not be able to contact the researcher on your behalf.

Please also check the Nutrirition and Behaviour Unit studies and the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group studies for further experiments.

We always need volunteers to take part in our studies

Most studies reimburse you for your time. The amount varies depending on the nature of each study and the funding source, so please contact the researcher for details.

Please note there is free parking available for all participants however this does depend on availability, please ask your researcher if you require parking.

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