Guidance notes

Note: some of the documents on this page are in PDF format. In order to view a PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

General guidance


Guidance on Support Levels (PDF, 78kB)

Support levels for University of Bristol examinations
Chief Invigilator (Office document, 27kB) Examination invigilation
Invigilation (Office document, 24kB) Examination invigilation
Announcements (Office document, 43kB) Examination Announcements
Rubric (Office document, 25kB) Sample rubric
Rubric for MCQ Exams (Office document, 64kB) Sample rubric for MCQ exams
Alternative Exam Arrangements for Staff (Office document, 17kB) Information for staff
Alternative exam arrangement guidance for Students (Office document, 44kB)  Information for students
Code of conduct for examinations (Office document, 26kB) Information for students
Information for Students taking Exams In Central Venues (Office document, 45kB) Information for students
Guidance on taking Exams outside UK (Office document, 60kB) Information for staff and students

Research degree guidance

Guidance for Research Degree Examiners (PDF, 139kB)  
EThOS Background Information (PDF, 24kB)  
RDEB Method of Working (PDF, 23kB) Research Degree Examination Board

See also Useful links for guidance about examination-related procedures elsewhere on the University of Bristol web site.