Soft robotics

New vacancies: 2 Research Associate / Senior Research Associate in Soft Robotics - click here - deadline 19-Mar-2017


Welcome to the Bristol SoftLab, home of Soft Robotics at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and University of Bristol.

The SoftLab focuses on the research and development of novel compliant systems and soft robotic technologies.  Softness and compliance are exploited by Nature in almost all organisms and these properties are crucial for future robotic, wearable and human-interaction technologies.  We aim to enhance our understanding of why compliance is needed, how to control and exploit it, and where to apply and exploit it to maximise societal and scientific impact.

Our research encompasses the full spectrum of soft robotics research and development from smart materials, through soft-smart mechanisms to complete soft machines and devices.

Smart Materials
  • Electroactive, thermal, photonic, chemical
  • Biodegradable, edible
  • Sensors, actuators, energy harvesting
  • Materials modelling and control …+ more
Soft-smart Mechanisms
  • Adaptive morphology
  • Multi-stability and multi-degree of freedom
  • Minimum energy structures
  • Mechanism modelling …+ more
Soft Machines
  • Artificial robotic organisms
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Wearable assist devices
  • Self-adapting morphological machines …+ more
  • Healthcare
  • Virtual reality
  • Environmental monitoring and remediation
  • Manufacturing and agriculture …+ more