High Performance Networks Group

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High Performance Networks group (HPN) led by Professor Dimitra Simeonidou specialises in the application of advanced hardware and software technologies, targeting the future optical networks for Interent of Things (IoTs), data centers, grid/cloud based applications and distributed technologies etc.  The group is equipped with world-class laboratories, including state of the art optical transmission testbeds, and software-defined network experimental platform.

The group has been at the forefront of world research and development in the fields of:

  • Next generation optical transmission networks;
  • Optical packet and burst switching
  • Optical data center solutions and architecture;
  • Grid and cloud networking;
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) and optical network virtualization
  • Hybrid-network domains orchestration and serivce management
  • Smart City ICT Solutions

The HPN laboratory has dedicated connectivity to both national and international research network infrastructures and forms part of the UK National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service (NDFIS). This network infrastructure has enabled the development of close collaborations with leading research institutions and industry across the UK, Europe, USA, Brazil and Japan.