The Great Bristol Shake Off - making our world earthquake safe

Do you know how many earthquakes there have been in the UK in the last 100 days? If you would like to find the answer, and know why the answer is important, come and visit us at our stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition from 1-7 July.

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is a free festival showcasing the science shaping our future. It is a celebration of the cutting edge research being carried out across the UK and the researchers making that happen.

Nuclear reactor core model on a shaking table

Read more about the Great Bristol Shake Off and our research to understand the behaviour of the graphite cores of nuclear reactors during earthquakes.

Exhibition dates

The exhibition is open to the public from Monday 1 July - Sunday 7 July 2019. Information about opening times can be found on the Royal Society website.

What else can I find out?

BE AN EARTHQUAKE:  Come and feel the force of an earthquake

BE AN EARTHQUAKE ENGINEER: Have a go at making a building safe from an earthquake

BE A NUCLEAR ENGINEER: Find out how we are helping make nuclear power stations safe from earthquakes

Earthquake competition

Civil Engineering students compete to create the best structure to survive an earthquake. The shaking table runs a series of stronger and stronger shakes until only one tower remains standing. If you'd like to have a go at something similar, come and see us at the Great Bristol Shake Off stand.

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