Semi-active dampers

Semi-active dampers were conceived in early 1970s as controllable devices with time-variable dissipative properties. Since then these devices were closely studied, developed and applied.

Electro-hydraulic and magneto-rheological semi-active dampers received major attention in the research group. Electro-hydraulic dampers were investigated in the context of load and vibration control in helicopter rotors in collaboration with AgustaWestland.

Magneto-rheological dampers were studied as means of novel quasi-active approach to vibration isolation problems. Our work covered a wide range of related problems including modelling, identification, tests, design and sub-structuring. In that work, particular attention was paid to the use of physics-based methods and appreciation of nonlinear effects.

Current research focus is aimed at:

  • refined low order characterization of flow mechanics;
  • development of new test and identification techniques;
  • novel damper topologies; and
  • evaluation of performance benefits in present and future damper applications.
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