Dr. Mike Yearworth


Reader in Systems

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The Systems Centre Faculty of Engineering
Queen’s Building, University Walk
Bristol, BS8 1TR
Tel: 07789 692266
email: mike.yearworth@bristol.ac.uk

Research Interests

Mike’s research is focused on the development and application of systems approaches for working with complex socio-technical problems.


Mike was appointed (01/09/09) Reader in Systems with the Systems Centre where he is unit director for Socio-Technical Systems and Problem Structuring and Research Methods

Specific research focus areas are:

Special interests:

Mike is currently Reader in Engineering Systems focusing on developing problem structuring methods for systems practice in engineering. Previously, he was responsible for developing research strategy as Research Director for the Systems Centre and leader of the Systems Research Group. Prior to joining the University Mike was Senior Research Manager at Hewlett-Packard’s European Research Laboratory where he managed a number of projects researching the development and application of system modelling techniques to understanding the performance of very large complex managed services with focus areas in data centre operations, information security and automation. This work included systems based modelling and tool development, managing software development using agile approaches, working on new ways to engage diverse stakeholders and longer term theory development. Before joining Hewlett-Packard, he was Director of the Intelligent Computer Systems Centre at UWE where he managed an innovative research centre and made research contributions in the areas of systems development and open architecture principles through funding from the following programmes – Open Distributed Systems Architecture (ODSA), ESPRIT, AIM – and also directly from industry. Mike is a Chartered Engineer (MBCS CITP), holds an MBA from the University of Bath, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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Mike's full publication record can be found here.


Socio-Technical Systems CENGM0014
Problem Structuring and Research Methods