Depositing your definitive 'Library Copy' of the dissertation

Depositing a hard-bound copy of your dissertation for the library

To submit a hard-bound copy to the library you must bring the following items to the Academic Quality and Policy Office

31 Great George Street

Visitors should report to University of Bristol Reception (Turn Right before the stairs on the entrance level).

within 28 days of your degree being awarded:

  1. Complete hard-bound copy of your dissertation (or published work and commentary), including all corrections required by the examiners
  2. Completed Thesis deposit agreement (PDF, 11kB)

The University is moving to a fully electronic process for the deposit of the final version of dissertations from 24 September 2018. The Library provides guidance [under construction] on electronic deposit.

You must provide the paperwork listed above or your dissertation will not be listed in the University's Library Catalogue or made available on the Library shelves and your degree certificate will be withheld.

Submitting a hard-bound copy to your School

You may be required to submit a hard-bound copy of your dissertation to your school or supervisor.

If you are submitting it by post, you may send this copy to the Exams Office and we will send it to your School on your behalf or, you can submit it to your School in person.

Format of hard-bound copy

The final copy or copies should be:

  • Hard-bound in stiff board, in a washable plain black buckram or buckram equivalent;
  • Spine width should not exceed 50 mm;
  • Larger sheets or printed matter should be placed in a pocket inside the back cover or in a separately bound volume;
  • If your dissertation is in a language other than English, it must include the extended summary in English and the abstracts in both language;
  • The title should appear on the outside front cover in embossed 18 point gold lettering (in both English and the language of the dissertation if that is not English);
  • The spine must be lettered in embossed 18 point gold lettering, with your initials and surname, degree, volume number (if necessary), and year of submission (this should run from top to bottom, so it can be read when the volume is flat with the top cover facing upwards).
  • There are a number of bookbinders that provide a dissertation binding service which complies with the University's Regulations including Print Services.

Make your dissertation available online

Defer access to your dissertation

Information on how deferral requests are made and approved is available on the deferred access to dissertations page.

Regulations and code of practice

The Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes provides a framework of procedures and practices to support research degree candidates and their supervisors.

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