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10 September: ABSG Meet-up - Ken Binmore

9 September 2014

Speaker: Ken Binmore

When: Wednesday 10 September 2014, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Professor Ken Binmore is a mathematician turned economist and philosopher. Considered one of the founders of the modern economic theory of bargaining, he has spent decades at the forefront of game theory and its commercial applications. 

As a consequence of the $35 billion raised by the 3G telecom auction he organized in the UK in 2000, he was described by Newsweek magazine as the “ruthless, poker-playing economist who destroyed the telecom industry”. He is now a Visiting Professor of Economics at the Universities of Bristol and Warwick, and a Visiting Professor of Philosophy at LSE. Recent books include Natural Justice (OUP), Does Game Theory Work? (MIT Press), A Very Short Introduction to Game Theory (OUP), and Rational Decisions(PUP).  

This talk will cover his experiences as a consultant on telecom auctions and regulatory economics, plus some brief reflections on behavioural economics. 

The Applied Behavioural Science Group is created for people who want to find out. It provides a forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in applying ideas and concepts from the behavioural sciences. We will also host speakers sharing their own experiences of using behavioural insights in areas such as marketing, customer experience and product design. Sessions are comprised of a 20 minute presentation, with 40 minutes to discuss and connect with other likeminded individuals. For more information about the group and their regular meet up programme, please see