News in 2011

  • The project starts this week 5 October 2011 The majority of the project staff have arrived, and the project kicks off in earnest
  • Post-doctoral researchers join the project 23 September 2011 Two excellent post-doctoral researchers have been recruited to the Decision-making in an Unstable World project at the University of Bristol. Dr Andreas Jarvstad will start in October 2011, and Dr Gaurav Malhotra will start in January 2012.
  • Applications open for the post-doctoral research positions 12 July 2011 Two post-doctoral research associate positions are available to work in a newly established interdisciplinary Research Centre on Decision Making in an Unstable World, bringing together the Schools of Experimental Psychology, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bristol.
  • Funding announced for decision-making research 25 March 2011 The University of Bristol has received £1.6million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC) to establish a new centre for research into how decisions are made. This work will ultimately lead to better artificial decision making systems such as automatic stock market trading systems and early warning systems for disasters.