Decision Making in the Intensive Care Unit

Iain Gilchrist, Andreas Jarvstad and Gaurav Malhotra from the School of Experimental Psychology have been working with clinicians from the Bristol Royal Infirmary Intensive Care Unit to study how both doctors and nurses make decisions in this complex and demanding environment.

A modern Intensive Care Unit contains an array of machines to monitor and support patients and these machines are often logging vast amounts of data. But at the heart of this environment remain highly-skilled professionals who have to make many complex and inter-related decision about the care of the patients. 

In this video, Dr Chris Bourdeaux from Bristol Royal Infirmary and Prof Iain Gilchrist from the University of Bristol talk about improving clinical decisions through behavioural interventions ("nudging") in Intensive Care Units. The project, funded by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, investigated whether clinician behaviour can be nudged towards guidelines using simple interventions in ICUs. Andreas, Gaurav and Iain worked with Chris to establish the influence of each nudge and assess how and over what time-course these interventions influenced behaviour.