Seminars and meetings within CMM

School Seminar Series

Tuesdays (during term time), 1 p.m., lecture theatre C42, Biomedical Sciences Building (unless otherwise stated)

Spring Term 2016

26th January 2016
Professor Neil Perkins, Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences (ICaMB), Newcastle University (host: Stefan Roberts)
'New and unexpected functions for NF-κB subunits in cancer'

9th February 2016
Dr Till Bartke, Chromatin Biochemistry Group, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London (host: Abder Kaidi)
'Decoding chromatin using chemical biology and proteomic approaches'

16th February 2016
Professor Steven Clifford, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University (host: Karim Malik)
'Translating genomic discovery into improved therapies for childhood brain tumours'

23rd February 2016
Professor David Elliott, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (host: Keith Brown)
'Transformer proteins: functions for the alternative genome in breast cancer cell survival'

1st March 2016
Professor Daniel Davis, Manchester Collaborative Center for Inflammation Research (host: Lindsay Nicholson)
'Using super-resolution microscopy to watch immune cells kill' 
This talk has been sponsored by the British Society for Immunology

8th March 2016
Dr David Lyons, Centre for Neuroregeneration, The University of Edinburgh (host: Will Wood)
'Using zebrafish for in vivo cellular analyses and high-throughput screens'

15th March 2016
Dr Sally Lowell, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh (host: Paul Nistor)
'Too many choices? Variability and unpredictability during differentiation of pluripotent cells'

Summer 2016

We will be having a few seminars early Summer term.  More details to follow.

CMM Annual 'Sir Anthony Epstein' Lecture

A prestigious annual lecture, The Sir Anthony Epstein lecture was inaugurated at the University of Bristol in 2009 to recognise the achievements of outstanding scientists in the fields of cancer biology, infection and immunology. It celebrates the achievements of Sir Anthony Epstein who was Professor of Pathology at Bristol University (1968-85) and one of the discoverers of the Epstein-Barr virus

Previous speakers

PLEASE NOTE: Seminars may be subject to alteration and cancellation. Please call the CMM office on 0117 33 12050 to confirm details.