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Professor Steve Jackson presents the Annual Sir Anthony Epstein Lecture

Sir Anthony Epstein Lecture 2017 with Professor Steve Jackson and Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi

Professor Steve Jackson and Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi

Artwork from Claudia Stocker

Artwork by Claudia Stocker

6 December 2017

The School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine presented the Annual Sir Anthony Epstein Lecture on Tuesday 5 December 2017 with Professor Steve Jackson FRS FMedSci from the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge.

The lecture was held in the Biomedical Sciences Building, University of Bristol and was well attended by staff, students and members of the public, with plenty enjoying the drinks reception that followed.  The lecture 'Cellular responses to DNA damage: translating mechanistic insights into precision cancer medicines' was noted by those attending as fascinating and inspirational for both the staff and students.

At the end of the lecture the hosting academic, Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi, presented Professor Jackson with an award commemorating his visit, along with an artist signed copy of the artwork, which featured on the posters and shows DNA strands.  Dr Kaidi said, “Steve’s lecture was inspiring, visionary, and immensely engaging with both specialist and non-specialists.  Steve’s outstanding work over the years is paradigm for the importance of fundamental research that can be harnessed for benefiting human health and the economy

Professor Jackson said of his visit the University 'It was a huge honour to deliver the Annual Sir Anthony Epstein Lecture in Bristol.  I very much enjoyed my discussions with scientific researchers who are carrying out very exciting and important work in the area of biomedical sciences.  The visit also provided me with an opportunity to explore Bristol a little and sample its vibrant and exciting atmosphere.'




Further information

The Sir Anthony Epstein lecture was inaugurated at the University of Bristol in 2009 to recognise the achievements of outstanding scientists in the fields of cancer biology, infection and immunology.  It celebrates the achievements of Sir Anthony Epstein who was Professor of Pathology at Bristol University (1968-85) and one of the discoverers of the Epstein-Barr virus.

Professor Steve Jackson FRS FMedSci is University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK Professor of Biology, and Head of Cancer Research UK Laboratories at the Gurdon Institute.

The artist Claudia Stocker designed the artwork which features on the posters, Claudia specialises in science artwork.

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