Ms. Lorna Smith

Ms. Lorna Smith specialises in creativity in the English curriculum and the contribution of information and communication technologies (ICT) to the English classroom

Lorna's research focuses on ways in which the active teaching of Shakespeare can be re-invigorated using modern tablet technology: she is working with Interactive Places, a contemporary digital design company, to develop an iPad app called Touching Shakespeare that enhances students’ understanding of and experience of learning Shakespeare. Her work is of interest to the National Association for the Teaching of English, school examination boards and international educationalists; she works closely with many schools as leader of the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary English).

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I am a former teacher and now work closely with student teachers, experienced teachers and pupils, so I know the challenges of preparing a class for an examination on a Shakespeare text. Teachers and pupils have been actively involved throughout this project, providing input and feedback, and we know that they are excited at the opportunities the app offers. I love the way in which modern technology can open students’ eyes to seventeenth century language and help bring the play to life for a new audience.

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